September 23, 2023


FPL Tips, News and Chip Strategy

FPL chip strategy: how the rescheduled fixtures affect our planning

The Premier League have just released the fixture list from now till the end of the season. The updated fixtures mean that there would be double gameweeks in gameweek 33, 36, 37 and some miniature double gameweeks in gameweek 34 and 35.

With all of this in mind, we will now be taking a look at the best FPL chip strategy and the best FPL assets and teams to target from now until the end of the season.

When should you use your FPL chips

Well, many of us still have a couple of FPL chips whether it might be our wildcard, free hit, bench boost, or triple captain – knowing when to use or play these FPL chips would give you an added advantage over your rivals.

However, if you don’t have any chips left you can still benefit from this FPL chip strategy guide.

Let’s now take a look at when we should be playing our different FPL chips.

FPL chip strategy guide: when you should play your wildcard chip

If you’re an FPL manager and have a wildcard, gameweek 32 would be the best time to use your wildcard chip.

Using the wildcard chip in gameweek 32 would allow you to prepare or create a team that would be perfectly optimized for double gameweek 33 where seven teams double. The teams that double in gameweek 33 are:

  • Man united
  • Arsenal
  • Southampton
  • Leicester
  • Brighton
  • Newcastle
  • Burnley

Here’s a look at the fixtures:

Gameweek 33 fixtures

Let’s take a look at what your gameweek 32 wildcard draft should like so that you can be well setup for double gameweek 33.

FPL chip strategy: gameweek 32 wildcard draft
Gameweek 32 wildcard draft

With this team you’d be having a total of seven double gameweek 33 players and then before the start of gameweek 33, with your free transfer you might then take Harry Kane out and bring in Cristiano Ronaldo – this would be in gameweek 33, you’d have eight players with a double gameweek.

Gameweek 33 wildcard draft

Another good time to play the FPL wildcard chip would be in gameweek 35. Playing the wildcard chip in gameweek 35, would allow you to get in players who feature in big gameweek 36.

FPL chip strategy guide: when you should play your free hit chip

Gameweek 38 would be a really good time to play the free hit chip if you have just one left. We all know the uncertainties that the last gameweek usually come with and to combat this and put your team in a good position, free hitting is the way to go.

What if you have two free hits? Since you can’t free hit twice in a roll, you’d want to free hit in gameweek 33 and then wildcard in gameweek 35 so that you can be in a good position to play your bench boost in gameweek 36.

FPL chip strategy guide: when you should play your Bench Boost chip

Gameweek 33, 36 or 37 would be good times to play the bench boost chip. In gameweek 33, there would be seven teams doubling, in gameweek 36 there would be 10 and then in 37 there would be six teams doubling.

With that in mind, the best time to bench boost would be in gameweek 36. In gameweek 36 ten teams would play twice including all of the big six – Man City could double in gameweek 36 or 37.

They double in GW37 if they lose to Liverpool, and West Ham go on to reach the Europa League finals, then the West Ham game vs City game would be in gameweek 37. If none of that happens then they play in GW36.

double gameweek 36 and gameweek 37 fixtures

Another great thing about bench boosting in gameweek 36 is that you won’t have to make so many transfers to be ready for the double gameweek as a lot of the popular assets would be featuring.

FPL chip strategy guide: when you should play your triple captain chip

To be real you ought to have played your triple captain chip in gameweek 26. However, if you still have the triple game chip then gameweek 36 or 37 would be a good time to use it. That means you can either triple captain in GW36 then bench boost in 37 depending on which one suits you.

Our Chip Strategy Guide

  • Wildcard in gameweek 32
  • free hit in gameweek 38 if you have one left. But if you have two free hits left then free hit GW33 and GW38 and wilcard in GW35.
  • Bench Boost in gameweek 36 and
  • triple captain in gameweek 37 on a Chelsea or Leicester asset.

What teams should you target from now until the end of the season

As for teams to target, we’d be looking to target teams who have good fixtures and teams with so many double gameweeks from now until the end of the season. Here are some of those teams

  • Burnley
  • Leicester
  • Man City
  • Chelsea
  • Liverpool and
  • Arsenal

These teams have good fixtures and a decent amount of fixtures left.