September 23, 2023


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FPL chip strategy guide: the best time to wildcard, free hit and bench boost

One of the biggest talks when it comes to using our FPL chips at the moment, is when to play our free hit and bench boost chips.

The talks surrounding these chips have created the need for us to share our ideas and thoughts on what we’d do if we had these chips available. So seat back and enjoy our FPL chip strategy guide from now till the end of the season.

FPL chip strategy guide: when to use your free hit

There are three good times that you could potentially play your free hit chip and they are gameweek 36, 37 and 38. Out of this three gameweeks, the most ideal time for you to free hit would be between gameweek 37 and 38. Here’s why.

Free hitting in double gameweek 36 would not be ideal because you could easily create a team full of double gameweek players as more than ten teams double in that gameweek. If you free hit in gameweek 36, you won’t really be taking advantage of the chip and gameweek 37.

However, a free hit in gameweek 37 would be more ideal because you’d have lesser teams to pick from as fewer teams double making it the perfect time to use this chip.

This means if you free hit in gameweek 37, you’d have an edge over those who do not as people without a free hit would have to get minuses to get an eleven full of double gameweek players.

Another great time for you to play your free hit would be in gameweek 38. The reason being that it’s the last gameweek and free hitting then, would allow you to target players who have a lot to fight for – players who won’t be rotated.

However, if you’ve been following our wildcard draft since gameweek 34, then I’d free hit in gameweek 38. That’s because in our recent gameweek 35 wildcard draft and transfer target post, we’ve managed to create a team of 15 double gameweek players in gameweek 36.

FPL chip strategy guide: when to use your bench boost

As for bench boost, gameweek 36 is the perfect time to play it. The amount of teams that double in gameweek 36 is just too much to ignore and with little or no effort you can create a team of 10-15 double gameweek players.

FPL chip strategy: when to play your bench boost
Here’s a look at our Gameweek 36 wildcard draft.

With a few tweaks and changes to this team, you’d then have nine potential double gameweek players in double gameweek 37. Our gameweek 35 post which was linked earlier covers some good transfer targets to prepare our team for gameweek 37. If you missed it, here’s the link again.

FPL chip strategy guide: when to play your wildcard

If you have a wildcard then now’s the time to play it. Playing your wildcard can help you build a team that would take you from now until the end of the season.

In your wildcard draft you can target DGW 36 doublers as well as gameweek 37 doublers. Here’s a post that would guide you if you’re looking to create a wildcard draft.

One thing to note is that you can’t play your free hit right after playing your wildcard. This means if you wildcard in gameweek 36 you can’t free hit in gameweek 37.

FPL chip strategy guide: when to play to use the triple captain chip

As for the triple captain chip, gameweek 37 looks like the best time to use it if you still have it. Triple captaining in gameweel 37 depends on when Man City’s double gameweek would fall. If Manchestery City doubles in gameweek 37, then triple captaining a Kevin De Brunye would make a lot of sense.

But if Man City don’t double in gameweek 37, then you could look at out for another good triple captain option in that week. Maybe Coutinho would be a great alternative.

Triple captaining in gameweek 37 means you have to free hit in gameweek 38.

Here’s our FPL chip strategy guide

If we still had our chips remaining, here’s what we would do.

  • Wildcard in gameweek 35
  • Bench boost in gameweeek 36
  • Triple captain in gameweek 37 and
  • Free hit in gameweek 38

You can also check out FPL mate’s Youtube video where he sheds some light on chip strategies.