October 4, 2023


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FPL captain picks: Should you captain a double gameweek asset in gameweek 25

The FPL captain pick dilemma in double gameweek 25 is whether to captain a player with a double gameweek or one who has a single gameweeek.

Picking the best FPL captain could make or break your FPL gameweek. In this blog post we’d be taking a look at the best FPL captain picks for double gameweek 25.

FPL captain picks: Who is the best FPL pick captain for double gameweek 25

There are two options for this gameweek either you captain a player with a double or you don’t. The obvious choice would be to pick a player with a double gameweek- this is tough because the in-form FPL assets have single gameweeks.

FPL captain picks: The best double gameweek 25 captain pick

Bruno Fernandes

Man united and Brighton are the two teams who have double gameweeks in gameweek 25. No doubt Bruno Fernandes is going to be on the top FPL captain picks in double gameweek 25

Bruno has scored 7 goals this season and averages 4.5 points per match. Only Ronaldo averages more points per game (4.6). Bruno has been Man United’s creative force, and- this season is no different; he has created the most chances for United (only Liverpool’s Trent Alexandre Arnold has created more chances in the PL this season). If you are looking to captain a player with a double gameweek in gameweek 25, Bruno is the man.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has not scored since the start of 2022 the 27.8% of FPL managers who own him would be hoping the Man united forward finds the back of the net in double gameweek 25. Despite his poor form, he’s still a decent FPL captain pick for double gameweek 25.

The striker carries the most goal-scoring threat in man united this season. His twenty-two shots on target are the most of any United player.

David De Gea

The Man united shot-stopper has made 86 saves this season (No keeper has made more saves than one of this weeks FPL captain picks) which is the most of any goalkeeper. That means David de Gea faces lots of shots and makes saves which gives him extra save points. The Man United goalkeeper has also picked up seven bonus points this season which is the third-highest amongst Man united assets.

No keeper has made more saves than one of this weeks FPL captain picks

Although he might not be your number FPL captain pick in gameweek 25 he’s one you should have.

Leandro Trossard

Leandro Trossard would be one of the differential FPL captain picks for gameweek 25. The Brighton midfielder valued at 6.1 million has scored four goals this season and has taken 53 shots this season with, twenty of those being on target.

Trossard is only second to Pascal Grob when it comes to creativity in Brighton. FPL managers love to have assets who start games and Leandro Trossard is a great pick- only Brighton’s goalkeeper has played more minutes than Trossard this season.

FPL captain picks: The best single gameweek 25 captain pick

Kevin De Bruyne

Man City plays Norwich in gameweek 25 and, Kevin De Brunye would be an FPL asset that FPL managers would be looking to captain. The Man City midfielder looks to have found his form. He has produced three double-digit hauls in his last eight games scoring, five and assisting five goals in that period.

One of gameweek 25's FPL captain picks

Man City have been in great scoring form lately and, they face Norwich a side that has struggled defensively this season. De brunye would be one of the top FPL captain picks in gameweek 25.

Riyad Mahrez

12 goal contribution in the premier league this season. Riyad Mahrez has been going about his business quietly the winger is owned by only 3.1% of FPL managers. That’s quite low for a Man City attacker who has 12 goal involvement.

An additional bonus to having Mahrez is his penalty duties the winger- has not missed a penalty since his miss against Liverpool a common of seasons ago. With ownership that low he would be a good differential FPL captain pick

Joao Cancelo

Joao Cancelo is a good FPL captain pick for gameweek 25 Cancelo is one of the most selected players this season. With 46.5% of FPL managers picking him. Joao Cancelo would be one of the top FPL captain picks in gameweek 25. A player whom Pep Guardiola trusts. Only Man city’s goalkeeper has played more minutes than Cancelo this season.

Cancelo is a player who can keep a clean sheet, score a goal and assist. He has been one of the most consistent FPL assets this season and one you can give captain’s armband in gameweek 25.

Trent Alexander Arnold

Arnold is a top FPL asset- a must-have defender. Trent Alexander Arnold is the most selected FPL asset with 47.3% of FPL managers selecting him- that’s almost half the game.

No defender has more assists than this weeks FPL captain pick Trent

Arnold is the defender with the most assist (10) in FPL this season and, only Jarrod Bowen has more assists(12) than Arnold. Arnold has to be one of the top FPL captain picks in gameweek 25 the Liverpool, full-back faces Burnley and, 47.3% of us FPL managers would be hoping for more points.

Mohammed Salah

Salah’s numbers speak for themselves. Mo Salah is the player with the most goal involvement (26). Salah has proven to be an FPL gem who performs consistently every season. No doubt, come gameweek 25, Mo Salah would be one of the most captained FPL asset.

In terms of FPL captain picks you can almost never go wrong with Mo Salah. If you are looking for an FPL startegy guide click here

Who should you captain in double gameweek 25

Bruno Fernandes would be my ideal captain pick for double gameweek 25. There are a few reasons for this- Bruno Fernandes is more nailed on than any united attacker. Ronaldo, Rashford, Sancho could all be rotated in double gameweek 25. Bruno also leads the team when it comes to goal involvement this season. Bruno is a player who seems to get bonus points because of his style of play and, with a double gameweek, you are looking at a potential six bonus points.

There are so many FPL captain picks in double gameweek 25, however Bruno would be the man I would be captaining.