EAFC Mobile VS Attack Game Mode Explained – Beginners Guide

EAFC 24 Mobile stands out as a premier platform for players seeking to test their skills in immersive virtual matches. One of the standout features of this mobile game is the exhilarating VS Attack game mode. Offering a unique blend of real-time strategy and swift decision-making, VS Attack pits players against one another in intense, adrenaline-fueled matches, making it a cornerstone of the EAFC 24 Mobile experience.

What is VS Attack Or VSA IN EAFC Mobile

VS Attack mode in EAFC Mobile is all about head-to-head competition against real players from around the globe. It’s a high-energy mode where each player takes turns attacking and defending in a bid to score as many goals as possible in a limited timeframe. The match structure is designed for quick, action-packed gameplay, making it a favorite among competitive gamers.

How Does VS Attack(VSA) Work On EAFC Mobile

Here’s a brief explanation of how the VS Attack mode works:

  1. Match Structure: VS Attack matches are played in a turn-based format, where each player takes turns attacking and defending. The goal is to score as many goals as possible within a limited time frame.
  2. Timing: Matches are relatively short, typically lasting for a couple of minutes, with each player taking turns simultaneously.
  3. Attack and Defense: When it’s your turn to attack, you’ll have limited time to make quick decisions and score goals. Conversely, when it’s your opponent’s turn to attack, you’ll switch to the defensive side and try to prevent them from scoring.
  4. Scoring System: The outcome of the match is determined based on the number of goals scored by each player during their respective attacking turns.
  5. Rewards and Rankings: Depending on the results of your matches, you’ll earn in-game rewards, points, and possibly move up in the global or regional rankings.

Here’s a video showcasing the VS Attack mode on EAFC 24:

You can on the top right of the video, that the performances of your opponent are also shown. This helps you to know when your opponent scores, misses a chance, or when they’re building momentum.

If you want to access the VS Attack mode on EAFC Mobile, here are the steps you’re to take:

  • Open the game and click on the play menu
EAFC 24 Mobile home screen
EAFC 24 Mobile home screen
  • After clicking on the play menu, you’d be met with four boxes that showcase the other game modes
EAFC 24 Mobile Game Modes screen
EAFC 24 Mobile Game Modes screen
  • Click on VS ATTACK
  • And then finally on Play on the bottom left of the screen
EAFC 24 Mobile VS Attack screen and leaderboard
EAFC 24 Mobile VS Attack screen and leaderboard

What Type of Players Are Great For The VS Attack Game Mode on EAFC Mobile

To succeed in VS Attack mode, it’s crucial to have the right players in your squad. Here are the types of players that can give you the edge:

1. Pacey Forwards

Players with blistering pace can exploit spaces behind the defense and outrun opponents. Their ability to create goal-scoring opportunities through quick runs is a valuable asset.

2. Skilled Playmakers

Midfielders with exceptional dribbling, passing, and shooting skills are your orchestrators. They set the tempo, create chances, and lay the foundation for scoring goals.

3. Solid Defenders

A strong defense is vital in VS Attack. Defenders with high tackling, marking, and positioning attributes help in minimizing goals conceded, which is crucial for victory.

4. Agile Goalkeepers

A dependable goalkeeper can be your savior. A goalie with quick reflexes, diving prowess, and precise positioning is your last line of defense, making crucial saves to prevent goals.

5. Versatile Players

Versatility can be a game-changer. Players who can adapt to multiple positions or contribute in both attack and defense can provide flexibility and balance to your squad.

6. Set-Piece Specialists

Free kicks and penalties can be decisive moments. Having players with exceptional set-piece skills can turn these opportunities into goals, often proving the difference in closely contested matches.

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In conclusion, FIFA Mobile’s VS Attack mode is an exhilarating experience that demands a well-balanced squad and strategic thinking. By selecting the right mix of players, and employing the right tactics, you can rise through the ranks, compete with the best, and relish the thrill of outscoring your opponents in this fast-paced and highly competitive game mode.

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