September 23, 2023


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DGW36 bench boost team: players to add to double gameweek 36 bench boost

The wait is finally over! the biggest double gameweeek is finally here and for those FPL managers who have been saving their bench boost chip, now is the time to activate it.

As you set up your bench boost team this gameweek, you want to have the two other gameweeks in mind and that is, gameweek 37 and 38.

You want to make sure that you don’t get too carried away that you focus so much on this double gameweek that your team suffers in gameweek 37 and 38.

Let’s now take a look at some double gameweek 36 bench boost teams.

Double gameweek 36 bench boost teams

In other for us not to suffer too much in the remainder of the season, we’d be targeting teams and players who have a lot to play for. Teams that are in the race for top four, the title, teams fighting to stay up and teams who double in 36 and 37.

Here’s our first double gameweek 36 bench boost draft.

double gameweek 36 bench boost teams

In this bench boost draft, we’ve gone for two nailed on Liverpool defenders and two nailed on City defenders we’ve done this in order to avoid players who are subject to rotation. We all know that Man City and Liverpool attackers are all rotation risks and in order for us not to be affected we’ve gone for the safer picks.

We have also gone for double Aston Villa and Everton and that’s because these two teams double again in gameweek 37, they also have good fixtures this double gameweek. Everton are also fighting to stay up so the added incentive for them to perform is there.

Scmeichel and Foster would be our goalies this double gameweek and it’s solely based on their price. Two cheap goalies who double would allow us to spend a little bit more in other areas of the pitch and an added bonus is, Schmeichel also doubles in gameweek 37.

And for our bench players we’ve gone for Gordon(4.6m), Cash(5.3m), Matip(5.1m) and Foster(4.1m). These are all cheap assets (the bench cost 19.1 million) who have pretty decent fixtures and are guaranteed to start and they also carry attacking threat. It’s a pretty decent bench.

Double gameweek 36 bench boost team with budget strikers

double gameweek 36 bench boost teams with budget strikers

In this bench boost team, we’ve gone for budget attackers. Nketiah and Dennis are the in form budget strikers at the moment. Their numbers aren’t that great but they’re players who are likely to start and also have pretty decent fixtures as well.

Going for these budget attackers would allow you to spend money in other areas of the pitch. When using your bench boost it’s important to take advantage of cheaper assets who are very likely to play.

Budget FPL assets to add to your bench boost teams

Here are a list of some cheap assets ( below 5.5 million) that you might want to consider if you’ve got your bench boost active.

Kasper Scmeichel(4.8) and Ben Foster(4.1) are two of the best budget goalies out there. Kasper Scmeichel has been in pretty good form lately picking up 24 points in his last five games he has also kept a total of six clean sheets so far this season.

Scmeichel has two really good fixtures in double gameweek 36 – Leicester face Everton and Norwich at home. With fixtures as good as that you’d be expecting at least a clean sheet and a couple save points.

As for defenders, there are a couple of great options you can add to your bench boost team and the first one that I think you should try and get into your team is Joel Matip.

Matip looks like he’s a nailed on starter for Liverpool. He plays for the team that has kept the most clean sheets so far this season, which means you’re almost guaranteed at least one clean sheet this gameweek.

Matip is not just any center back, rather he’s a center that carries goal threat whether from set-pieces, or from him going on one of his adventurous runs from his box to the oppoonent’s box. He’s one you should consider.

Some other defensive alternatives are, Ben White(£4.6m), Emerson(£4.5m), Tomiyasu(4.5m), James Justin (4.9m) and Matty Cash(5.3m). To find out more about budget defenders, feel free to check this post by fantasyfootballscout.

As for midfielders, there are a couple of stand-out players but the one we’d be focusing on is Antony Gordon. Gordon is valued at just 4.6 million which is pretty low for a player who starts regularly. His price, the amount of matches he has played and his overall performances in games makes him a really good bench boost player.

Some other midfielders in this price bracket are Jacob Ramsey(4.7m) and Martinelli(5.3m) these are players who offer good value for money. Jacob Ramsey has scored six goals already for Aston Villa this season and has started more than half of their games so far this season.

So if you’re looking for some cheap midfield enablers this double gameweek, then Gordon, Ramsey and Martinelli are all good shouts.

As for attackers, three options stand-out and they are Dennis(5.8m), Nketiah(5.5m) and Pukki(6.1). These are pretty good picks but personally won’t be relying so much on these budget forwards. I’d rather a cheaper midfield and then get the likes of Watkins, Richarlison, Gabby Jesus or Harry Kane.