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GW20 transfer tips: best DGW20 players to buy

As the season goes on the more double gameweeks appear, and it looks like GW20 is going to be the second gameweek of the season.

This is a gameweek where four teams would be doubling, the likes of Man City, Spurs, Man United and Crystal Palace all double in gameweek 20.

Since it is confirmed and we know that these teams would be doubling, we now want to see what players we should be getting into our various FPL teams.

In this article, we’d be looking at some of the best transfers you can make ahead of GW20.

What teams have double gameweeks coming up GW20-24

Well, we know for a fact that gameweek 20 isn’t the only gameweek were there’s going to be teams playing twice. We expecting one more other gameweek after the GW20. Here’s a fixture ticker, that can help you identify the teams with double gameweeks.

From this helpful fixture ticker done by @RegretFpl, we can see that after double gameweek 20, Man City and Arsenal double once again, in gameweek 23.

This is really important information, as it’d help you as you create and pick your team, and when you make transfers. Knowing this can help us come up with a really solid transfer strategy.

Double gameweek 20 transfer strategy

Here are some of our top transfer tips for this gameweek:

  1. Don’t overly invest in double gameweek players.
  2. When making transfers, you want to keep the long term in mind. Remember that City and Arsenal double again in GW23, so it’d make sense to triple up on City now and keep hold of your Arsenal assets.
  3. If you have Darwin, we think now is the best time to make the swap to Harry Kane.
  4. If you have Foden you can still hold onto him, he could come good this gameweek or in double gameweek 23.
  5. Rashford and Shaw are essentials this gameweek – many FPL managers have them. If you’re chasing rank, you need these players.

What players should you buy ahead of GW20

In the FPL community, there has been a lot of talk about the best players to buy ahead of double gameweek 20, we see a lot of twitter threads about the best Man City, Man United, Spurs and Palace assets to pick this gameweek.

In this part of this article, we’d like to share our thoughts on the best GW20 players to buy,

The best Man City FPL asset for gameweek 20

Well, we all know that we can only pick three Man City assets and that kind of sucks because there are a lot of really good players to pick from this Man City team.

The three players listed below are the ones that we’d be recommending FPL managers go for this gameweek.

  • Riyad Mahrez
  • Erling Haaland
  • Kevin De Brunye

Riyad Mahrez

GW20 player picks

Riyad Mahrez since the restart has pretty much shown that he’s essential and important to the way Man City play. The winger has been involved in so many City goals of late and for that reason, we think he has made that right wing position his own.

His only other competition, is Foden and Bernado Silva and as we’ve seen in recent gameweeks, these players don’t quite fit into the current Man City system as good as Mahrez.

So yeah we think Mahrez would start one or both of City’s games this double gameweek.

De Brunye

DGW20 player picks

If you’re looking for a safe nailed on option, then De Brunye is your best pick aside Erling Haaland. We all know that De Brunye is an incredible player and he has the ability to pick up and return double-digit hauls.

He is also a player that is almost guaranteed to play both games, because of how good he is and how important he is to the way Man City play.

However, the thing with De Brunye is that he’s not been a great FPL asset since the restart. In fact, he hasn’t scored or assisted and he has returned just eight points in his last four PL games.

He really hasn’t justified his price tag and so you might not want to bring him in because of his form. If you want to go elsewhere, then going for a Man City defender, is another great shout.

You could go for either:

  1. Ake
  2. Stones
  3. Akanji
  4. Lewis

Any one of them four, would be good KDB alternatives.

The best Man United FPL asset for gameweek 20

Since Man United double as well, you’d want to get in a couple of their assets, here are some Man United assets you can consider in DGW20:

  • Shaw
  • Marcus Rashford
  • Martial

These are our three Man United picks this gameweek. Shaw and Rashford almost pick themselves, as they are the two most in-form Man United players – they’re basically essentials and are highly owned as well.

The third pick is were there’s a bit of controversy, as Bruno Fernandes and Dalot look like great options as well. The reason why we’ve gone for Martial is because he’s a forward and he’s cheaper than Bruno.

There’s no doubt that Harry Kane and Erling Haaland are going to be this gameweek’s popular pair up, and if you’re going down the Kane, Haaland route, you’d need a cheap forward and that’d be Martial.

Bruno also isn’t all that appealing to us, as there are other better midfield picks out there. And as for Dalot, we don’t think it’d be great to double up on Man United’s defense, as their clean sheet odds are pretty low.

You could also decide to go with just two United assets and go for a single gameweek forward this week. We do think Martial would play both games, but we don’t think he’d play full ninety minutes in both, so for that reason you might want to look elsewhere.

The best Spurs FPL asset for gameweek 20

Spurs double in gameweek 20 as well and here are some decent options:

  1. Kane
  2. Kulusevski
  3. Son

Honestly, the only Spurs player we can recommend confidently is Harry Kane and he has been one of the best FPL asset and player this season.

Kane is also the second most transferred in player this week, not only is he a great GW20 pick, he is also a nice long term FPL asset.

We’re sure that most Darwin Nunez owners, are making the switch to Harry Kane and we think that’s a good move to make this gameweek.

Kane is a much better FPL asset at the moment and even though he costs more, he’s a lot more consistent and he’s a player you can rely on.

The other players we have on our list are Son and Kulusevski and to be honest we think they could be great one week punts.

They probably aren’t the best long term picks and that’s because Spurs and these players haven’t been consistent enough for us to completely trust them.

But if you’re looking to go down the Spurs route, then we think these are the three best options available to you.

The best Crystal Palace FPL asset for double gameweek 20

We know that a lot of FPL managers are overlooking Palace assets this gameweek and that could be a good thing as these Palace players would be great differentials.

In gameweek 20, Palace face Chelsea and Man United and I guess that explains why their assets are being overlooked. If we did have to pick a couple of FPL assets from Palace this gameweek, then these would be our picks:

  • Zaha
  • Eze

Yeah Zaha and Eze could be great additions to any FPL team and if we had to pick one out of the two, it’d be Eze. Eze has been in pretty decent form and has got himself just one goal since the restart.

The reason why we have Eze on here, is because of his price and so we think he could be a pretty decent player this week and then a nice bench option in future gameweeks.

Palace’s fixtures don’t look great, that’s why we won’t be recommending that you double up or triple up on their FPL assets.

Feel free to check out our GW20 team, to see which of these players we’d be transferring into our various GW20 teams

Some other single gameweek players to target

1. Alexis Mac Allister

2. Mitoma

3. Rodrigo

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