FPL GW10 Wildcard: Tips, Teams and Players to Target

A GW10 wildcard is becoming increasingly favored among many FPL managers. The fixture swings that occur at the start of gameweek 10 are one of the primary reasons why FPL managers are considering the wildcard option. If you’re among the managers planning to activate your wildcard chip this gameweek, then this article is tailored for you.

Within this article, we’ll explore essential players to consider adding to your wildcard team, teams that should be targeted, and we’ll also provide several gameweek 10 wildcard examples. Each wildcard draft will employ different strategies, serving as inspiration for you to craft your ultimate FPL GW10 wildcard team.

FPL GW10 Wildcard Guide

To aid you in pinpointing the teams to target as you utilize your wildcard in gameweek 10, we present a fixture ticker showcasing the FDR (Fixture Difficulty Rating) for Premier League teams from GW10 to GW16.

Fixture Ticker from the official Premier League site, that shows fixture difficulty rating of all 20 PL sides from GW10-16
Fixture Ticker from the official Premier League site, which shows fixture difficulty rating of all 20 PL sides from GW10-16

Essential Players to target on Gameweek 10 Wildcard Based on Fixture Difficulty Rating

Well, based on upcoming fixtures, these are the players and teams you should be looking to target when wildcarding in FPL GW10.

  • Arsenal: Saka, White, Odegaard/Martinelli
  • West Ham: Bowen, Areola, Coufal
  • Brighton: Mitoma, Estupinan(when fit)
  • Aston Villa: Watkins, Diaby, Cash
  • Chelsea: Palmer
  • Liverpool: Mo Salah, Tsimikas
  • Crystal Palace: Guehi
  • Newcastle: Isak, Gordon, Trippier/Burn

Now that we know what players and teams to target and with the fixtures of all 20 PL sides available for GW10-16, it is time to delve into the advantages and drawbacks of implementing a gameweek 10 wildcard. To further enrich our discussion, we turn to another expert in the FPL world, allaboutfpl. In their GW10 wildcard article, they offer insights into the pros and cons of activating a gameweek 10 wildcard, and here’s a summary of their analysis:

Pros of FPL GW10 Wildcard Expert Wildcard Tips:

  1. Opportunity to acquire Arsenal and Liverpool assets with promising upcoming fixtures.
  2. Ability to remove underperforming players from teams facing tough upcoming fixtures, such as Rashford.
  3. Chance to include recently emerged budget enablers to afford more premium players.

Cons of FPL GW10 Wildcard Expert Wildcard Tips:

  1. Upcoming fixtures for Aston Villa, Newcastle, and Spurs from GW12/13 onwards necessitate careful planning.
  2. Considering the possibility of an alternative GW14 or GW19 Wildcard if key players like Salah and Trippier are already in your team pre-wildcard.

FPL Gameweek 10 Wildcard Drafts – Teams To Consider

We’d now be diving into creating several GW10 wildcard teams here’s our first team:

1. FPL GW10 Two Premiums and No Spurs Midfielders Wildcard Team

Our first GW10 wildcard team is a no spurs wildcard team and here’s how it looks:

FPL GW10 Two Premiums and No Spurs Wildcard Team
FPL GW10 Two Premiums and No Spurs Wildcard Team

Within this wildcard team, we’ve implemented the following strategies:

  1. Two premium selections: Our GW10 wildcard team boasts two key premium players – Mo Salah and Haaland.
  2. The inclusion of three budget midfielders: Gordon, Diaby, and Palmer, enabled us to afford players like Watkins and Trippier while maintaining a 2.6 million budget surplus.
  3. One-week punt strategy: Our team features Palmer as a short-term selection, set to play against Brentford in GW10 before facing tougher opponents. Our plan is to replace him with Bowen in GW11. Alternatively, if this strategy doesn’t appeal to you, Bowen could be a direct initial choice.
  4. Incorporation of reliable bench fodders: Tsimikas, Archer, and Kabore have been selected for the bench, ensuring potential game time if needed.

Overall, this GW10 wildcard team is a robust option that we strongly recommend for FPL managers. However, there’s always room for improvement, and you might find ways to tailor it to your specific preferences.

2. FPL GW10 Spurs and Brighton Wildcard Draft

Our next gw10 wildcard team, is one that includes Spurs and Brighton assets. In the last gameweek 10 team, we didn’t have players from these teams. Here’s how you could set up with Brighton and Spurs players:

In this draft, we’ve gone on to keep our two premium picks in Haaland and Salah and it’s quite obvious why we’ve done that. The reason being that they are the top scorers in FPL at the moment with Salah returning a total of 75 points and Haaland returning a total of 61 points.

Salah and Haaland: FPL top point scorers so far this season
Salah and Haaland: FPL top point scorers so far this season

Another set of notable players included in our GW10 wildcard draft are:

  1. Maddison, who serves as our cover for the Spurs team. We consciously opted not to double up on Spurs midfielders to ensure broader coverage of assets from various teams.
  2. Mitoma has also secured a place in our lineup. Considering the significant shift in Brighton’s fixtures this gameweek, acquiring their assets has become imperative. Mitoma’s inclusion is a strategic move, given Brighton’s attacking prowess and goal-scoring potential.
  3. Estupinan is on our radar as well. Once he’s fit, we plan to upgrade Burn to Estupinan, recognizing the potential impact the latter could have on our team.
  4. Within this draft, we made the difficult decision to part ways with a premium defender like Trippier. We acknowledge the risk involved, as Trippier has consistently proven his worth, and this move might come back to challenge us in the future.

3. GW10 No Premium Gameweek 10 Wildcard Teams

If you want to go ultra differential and not include any premium picks in your gameweek ten wildcard, then this segment is for you. In this GW10 wildcard draft, we won’t be including any premiums. Here’s what our wildcard team looks like:

GW10 No Premium Gameweek 10 Wildcard Teams

Presenting our non-premium gameweek 10 wildcard draft, an alternative strategy that excludes the likes of Salah and Haaland. Instead, we’ve opted for other reliable FPL picks that are poised to deliver significant points, such as:

  • Maddison
  • Son
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold
  • Bowen
  • Isak
  • Trippier
  • Watkins
  • Alvarez

These players hold strong potential for delivering favorable results. However, whether this team will surpass the performance of the premium drafts remains to be seen. Stay tuned for updates. This wraps up our coverage of the gameweek 10 FPL wildcard. Next up at raensports, we’ll be offering transfer tips, clean sheet odds, and captain picks. Don’t forget to check back later this week for more valuable FPL tips.

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