September 23, 2023


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Cheap vintage football kits: some of the best retro football kits you can buy under 150 dollars

vintage football jerseys

Football kits we know can be really expensive and that is because of the rising demand of these kits. Football fans are willing to pay and get the kits of their favorite football teams and so manufacturers are taking advantage of this and charging as much as they want for these kits.

In this article however, we’d be looking at some best retro football kits that you can buy and we’d be sharing links that you could click to get these kits.

Why Do People Buy Vintage Football Jerseys

Well, why retro kits you may ask? the answer is simple, the nostalgia. The traditional, authentic design features that capture the emotions of former games are celebrated in vintage football shirts, which place an equal emphasis on style and the nostalgic, retro sentiments they evoke.

Shirts composed of thin, stretchy cotton and club crests that are stitched or pressed on are some of the most noteworthy retro design aspects; they have an amazing resemblance to the shirts sold at matches today.

Benefits Of Retro Football Kits

Some football fans’ distaste for newer items and the fact that many modern football kits have been dubbed as significant disappointments may possibly be to blame for the growth in popularity of vintage football jerseys.

Football has gotten more and more popular since the football jerseys of our youth, and as fan gear has gotten more and more in demand, the shirt manufacturing industry has had to ramp up production.

Fans are questioning the sturdiness of the mass-produced modern football jerseys, whether sponsorships are receiving more attention, and how much more important the brand is, than the shirt’s real design.

Old football jerseys bring back memories of a time when the game itself was the focus rather than crowded stadiums, pricey tickets, or significant sponsorships.

So, when you go for these retro football jerseys, you are almost guaranteed to get a durable football kit that would last longer than most recent kits.

What to look out for when buying a retro football kit

With so many retailers popping up, it is important for us to exercise a bit of caution when buying these retro football kits. Here are a couple of things to keep an eye for when buying retro football kits:

1. Price

The price of the football kit is something we want to consider and could be a big indicator as to whether the kit is original or fake. If the price you’re getting your retro football kit for, is ridiculously low, then chances are that it is fake.

In other to avoid this, it’s better to buy your retro football kits from reputable sellers.

2. Quality of the design

Before getting any football kit, whether retro ones or the more recent ones, it is good practice to take a look lot at the quality of the design and the stitches.

Before paying or buying any kit, check the stitching quality inside the shirt, pay close attention to the areas between the badge and the neckline. If the stitches are poorly done, then it is fake.

Seen on the shirt are badges, icons, and a logo. When it comes to attention to detail, counterfeiters won’t hesitate to cut corners where they can.

3. Swing Tag Botch Ups

Another thing to pay attention to is the spelling on the tags of the jerseys you’re buying. If on the tags and labels the spelling of the manufacturer isn’t correct, then that’s a big indicator that the kit is fake.

For instance a lot of fake kits would spell brands like Adidas, Nike and Puma wrongly in other to avoid charges from law enforcement agencies.

  • You can check the UPC sticker (Barcode sticker) on the tag. If there isn’t one – it’s a fake
  • The UPC sticker should be a sticker, not something pre-printed and used across all the tags.

You can also check this article, 6 Insider Tips on How to Spot a Fake Football Shirt; by backfour, for some things to look out for when buying retro kits or even the more recent football kits.

Now that we know why people go for retro football kits and how we can spot fake retro kits, we now want to look at some of the best retro kits that you can buy.

This list is based on our preference and the nostalgia and design attached to the various kits we’re about to list. We’d also leave a link for you, so that you can check out even more retro football kits.

Some of the best retro kits you can buy

1. 2005-06 Arsenal Home Shirt Henry #14 (Very Good) XXL

2005-06 Arsenal Home Shirt Henry #14 (Very Good) XXL

Price: £149.99

Retailer: classicfootballshirts

Condition of the Jersey: Bright colours, badges are stitched, some wear to size details, slight creasing to sponsor, one faint 5mm mark to mid-front, a few faint press marks to sleeves and mid-reverse, the odd small bobble and pull – otherwise nice material feel, print is superb

Features – Original style European print for world-class French striker and Highbury legend Thierry Henry #14, ‘Highbury 1913-2005’ embroidery to chest and lower back to commemorate the final season at Highbury

2005-06 Arsenal Home Shirt Henry #14 (Very Good) XXL

Notes – Redcurrant home shirt worn when the side ensured qualification for the Champions League at the expense of bitter rivals Tottenham. A Thierry Henry hat-trick secured a 4-2 victory over Wigan with the French master celebrating by kissing goodbye to the Highbury turf

A lot of nostalgia is attached to this 2005-06 Arsenal retro kit and if you’re a fan, then this is one you should get for £149.99.

Link to individual product: classicfootballshirts



Price: £124.99

Retailer: classicfootballshirts

Condition of the Jersey:  Bright main body colours – slight fade to white material colours, badges are stitched, minimal wear to sponsor – otherwise great, slight wear to inner collar and size details, the odd faint press mark, the odd small bobble – otherwise nice material feel, print is superb.

Features – Official player size Lextra felt Premiership printing for Portuguese sensation and breakthrough superstar Cristiano Ronaldo #7.

Notes – Home shirt as worn by Ronaldo when United won their first Premier League title in 4 years and the dazzling attacker announced his name on the world stage. Jeered across the land for his part in England’s exit from the World Cup, Ronaldo appeared entirely unfazed and with 17 goals swept up the Premier League awards ceremony, taking both the Young Player and open-age Player of the Season trophies as he visibly matured into the ruthless and relentless goalscorer of the future.

Link to individual: classicfootballshirts



Price: £149.99

Retailer: classicfootballshirts

Condition of the Jersey: Bright colours, crest is stitched, Umbro logo and sponsor are printed within the material, some cracking to lower front motif, the odd small bobble and pull – otherwise nice material feel, print is superb.

Features – Original style print for the emerging talent David Beckham #10.

Notes – Away shirt as worn by Beckham as he cemented his place in the United first team making 49 appearances and scoring 12 goals, as United claimed the title for a second successive season.

Link to individual product: classicfootballshirts

Feel free to check classicfootballshirts for more retro football kits, match worn shirts and many other amazing stuff.