UCL MD3 tips: captains, player picks, wildcards – GW3 complete guide

UCL MD3 tips - complete guide

Matchday 3 of the UCL is only a couple of days away and in this article, we’d be providing you with some of the best MD3 UCL tips. We’d be looking at the best captains for both Tuesday and Wednesday, the best player picks, wildcard drafts and chip strategies. Remember it’s a complete guide, which … Read more

UCL strategy: limitless vs wildcard – when should you use your chips

UCL chip strategy guide

With the group stages almost nearing its end, it is time for UCL fantasy managers to start thinking about deploying their various UCL chips. There are two chips that can be used in the UCL fantasy game and they are the wildcard chip and the limitless chip. These two chips are really crucial and if … Read more