5 FPL GW27 differential Picks That Would Help Boost Your FPL Overall Ranking

FPL GW27 differential Picks

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers are always on the lookout for players who can give them an edge over their competitors. While popular picks like Erling Haaland and Saka can certainly deliver points, it’s often the lesser-known players who make the biggest difference in the long run. These players, known as differentials, can provide huge points returns while also differentiating your team from others in your mini-league. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of FPL differentials and explore how you can identify and select high-potential players for your…

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The ultimate GW23 tips, guide and preview: everything you need to know


This is our ultimate GW23 tips and guide article. In this article, we’d be sharing with you everything you need to know about GW23. We’d be looking at: Clean Sheet odds and predictions, goal scorer odds, assist odds and percentages, predicted Points , captaincy differentials, players to buy, most sold, transfer plans and GW23 watchlist. 1. GW23 tips: key notes for gameweek 23 2. GW23 Clean Sheet odds 3. GW23 over 2.5 goals 4. GW23 Anytime Scorer 5. DGW xG (Since GW17) 6. GW23 Anytime Assist For more predictions and…

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GW14 tips: captains, fixtures, wildcard drafts and transfer tips

GW14 is here, and we’ve decided to put together some helpful GW14 tips that’d help guide you as you prepare for this gameweek. In this article, we’d be sharing links to articles written by us, we’d be talking about: GW14 captains, differentials, we’d be creating wildcard teams, we’d be sharing clean sheet odds and other predictions and lastly, we’d talk about the best transfer strategies(players to buy, sell and avoid). Do make sure to click the links that’d be shared, as they’d be taking you to the individual articles. GW14…

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GW13 fixtures, captain picks, differentials, wildcards – GW13 tips

GW13 is only a couple of days away, which means it is now time for us to put together our complete GW13 guide. In this article, we’d be sharing links to articles that cover and answer various questions that FPL managers have ahead of GW13. We’d be writing about: GW13 captain picks, differentials, wildcards, team selections, clean sheet odds and transfer targets. Do make sure to check back on this article, as it would be updated daily. GW13 fixtures Before we get right into providing any GW13 tips, we would…

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GW12 tips: captain picks, differentials and chip strategy – complete GW12 guide

With gameweek 12 starting right after the conclusion of gameweek 11, we’ve decided to put together a complete guide that would help we FPL managers, navigate through this gameweek. In this GW12 tips post, we’d be sharing our thoughts on several topics and answering some questions that FPL managers have asked ahead of GW12. We’d be covering captain picks, differential picks, chip strategy(what FPL chip should be played this week, wildcard or Free hit), we’d be creating wildcard and free hit drafts and we’d be offering insights on which players…

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Some of the best GW11 differentials – rising through the FPL ranks

GW11 differentials

We all know that one of the best way to climb and rising through the FPL ranks, is by going in and getting a couple of differential FPL picks. And we’ve witnessed this first hand, as our team of differentials, has moved up the FPL overall rank by 1million plus places. We started this experiment three gameweeks ago and the results has been really good. This gameweek, our differential team is injury struck players like: James, Martial and Castagne have all picked up injuries. In this article, we’d be looking…

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GW11 tips: differentials, captain picks, injury news, player picks and more

GW11 Tips: complete gameweek 11 guide

With GW11 around the corner, we here at raensports, have decided to put together a complete guide that’d help FPL managers navigate this gameweek. In this article, we’d be sharing links to articles written by us. These articles would cover a lot of different topics, starting from wildcards, to transfers, to team selections, to captain picks, injury news as well as differential picks. Do make sure to click the links that’d be shared in this article, as they’d be taking you to the individual articles that covers them topics in…

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GW10 FPL tips: the complete gameweek 10 tips and guide

With GW10 just a couple of days away we here at raensports have been writing articles and answering some of the questions in the FPL world this week. In this article, we’d be sharing links to articles that answers some of the questions being asked. This is our GW10 complete guide, this article is meant to help you navigate through gameweek 10. Who should I transfer in this gameweek Whether you’re on a free transfer or you’re playing your wildcard, we all sometimes need to make a couple of changes…

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GW10 differentials: Mitrovic and Isak differential replacements – rising through the FPL ranks

GW10 differential picks

Remember this is not your regular differential pick article. This is an article that we are using to conduct an experiment to see just how high up we can finish with a team filled up with mostly differentials. When we started this experiment, our team was ranked  8,982,796 in the overall world rankings, however after two really good gameweeks we’ve gone up by 865,231 places and we currently sit in 8,117,565. This week, is no different and we’d be doing the same thing that we’ve always done – we’d be…

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Some of the best GW9 differentials – rising through the FPL ranks

GW9 differential picks

Gameweek 8 was a really interesting gameweek for us here at raensports, as our differential team did well. We started last gameweek ranked  8,982,796 in the world and after a pretty decent gameweek last week, we moved up the overall FPL leaderboard by 298,493 places and are currently ranked 8,684,303. We picked up 67 points last week, with a couple of our differential picks doing well, most especially Heung-Min Son. This week however, our team is in a complete mess we’ve got a lot of injuries to contend with and…

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