GW9 FPL tips: wildcard draft, team selection, captain picks and differential picks

GW9 is here, but we have to wait a little longer than a week before the gameweek starts and to be honest it is a really good break to have as it gives us time to prepare for gameweek 9. While we wait there are a couple of things we FPL managers can be doing, most especially those who have their wildcard activated. In this article, we’d be sharing some GW9 FPL tips, wildcard drafts, captain picks, differential picks as well as our very own team selection. All these articles…

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GW8 FPL tips: wildcard draft, team selection, chip strategies predicted line-ups | complete GW8 guide

After the postponement of GW7, gameweek 8 is here and we’d be hoping it goes as planned. In this article, we’d be putting together our GW8 tips, we’d be covering captain picks, wildcard drafts, chip strategies, predicted line-ups, team selection, transfer targets, differential picks and lastly, we’d be looking at some of the best expert opinions from Twitter and Reddit. So do make sure to click on the various articles that would be linked below, as those links would take you to those individual articles. GW8 News: would gameweek 8…

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GW4 tips: GW4 captain picks, team selection, wildcard draft, and chip strategy

GW4 captain picks, team selection, wildcard draft, and chip strategy

With a few days left to go before the start of gameweek 4, we’ve decided to put together a complete GW4 guide. We’d be sharing some gameweek 4 tips with you, we’d be looking at some of the best gameweek 4 captains, we’d share our GW4 wildcard draft template to help those who are wilcarding this week, we’d also share our GW4 team and differential picks article and lastly we’d link to our chip strategy guide to help those of who aren’t sure when to wildcard. So feel free to…

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GW3 FPL review: what we have learnt so far, when to wildcard FPL 2022?

GW3 FPL review

GW3 has been a rollercoaster of a gameweek, with a lot of shocking results and disappointing returns from some popular FPL picks. Most of this week’s problem however, has come from the defensive side of things. Those of us FPL managers who have gone big at the back with double Chelsea or double Man City or double Liverpool defenders, did not have the best of gameweeks. In fact, 10 of the most expensive defenders in the game scored a combined 3 points this gameweek and with returns like this, it…

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FPL gameweek 2 tips: GW2 captain picks, wildcard drafts, team reveal, transfer targets, differential picks, and chip strategies


Gameweek 2 is almost here and we at raensports have put together a complete GW2 guide. In this guide, we walk through some of the best GW2 captain picks, we created a wildcard draft for those looking to wildcard in gameweek 2, we’ve also put together a complete chip strategy guide to help guide FPL managers on how and when to use their various FPL chips. Do make sure to stick around and click the links to the various FPL articles. Without further ado let’s get right into it. FPL…

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FPL chip strategy guide: When to wildcard, bench boost and free hit

The 2022/23 FPL season is only couple of days away and as FPL managers, we’ve all been planning and preparing for the upcoming season. And while we might be focusing on teams to target, budget enablers, premium picks and captain picks, we also want to have a clear plan of how we want to use our various FPL chips. The proper usage of these FPL chips, can see a rise in rankings for you, while a careless use of your chips, can lead to a drastic fall in rankings. In…

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