GW29 Bench Boost: Our Top Picks for your gameweek 29 bench boost

GW29 Bench Boost: The Best Players to own for your gameweek 29 bench boost

GW29 is a double gameweek that is perfect for a bench boost. Since 12 teams double, it’d be easy for you as an FPL manager to set up a team and bench full of doublers. Benchboosting in GW29 is one of the most popular strategies in FPL this season. That’s because a double gameweek this big, won’t happen again in FPL this season. So, if your bench boost chip is still available, feel free to hop on the GW29 bench boost train – there are a lot of us on…

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FPL GW27 strategy and planning: free hit and bench boost

GW27 FREE HIT & bench boost TEAMS

Using your free hit and bench boost chip whenever there’s a double gameweek is a pretty good FPL chip strategy that FPL managers always seem to deploy. GW27 is a double gameweek that affords us the opportunity to use either our free hit or bench boost chip. We know that every manager has their own strategy, so if your strategy involves free hitting or bench boosting in GW27, then this article is for you. If you’re not sure when to use either of these chips, then you might want to check out…

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