FIFA World Cup fantasy MD5 tips: the best player picks, 12th man, captain picks

World Cup fantasy MD5 tips

The World Cup is gradually coming to an end and that’s pretty sad. However as FIFA fantasy managers, we keep going. We’re currently in matchday five and in order to help get fantasy managers ready and prepared for this matchday, we’ve decided to put together a complete guide. In this article, we’d be sharing helpful FIFA World Cup fantasy MD5 tips, we’d be looking at the best players to select, the best 12th man pick and the best captain pick for your FIFA fantasy team. The best world cup fantasy…

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World Cup fantasy round of 16 wildcard team: the best MD4 FIFA fantasy team

World Cup fantasy round of 16 wildcard team

The round of 16 is here and it promises to be an exciting round of games. As FIFA fantasy managers, we have an important job and that job is to pick a team of 15 players that’d return fantasy points. That’s exactly what we’re going to be doing in this article, we’d be creating several wildcard teams for the world cup round of 16 games. In each wildcard draft, we’d be deploying different strategies, in the first one we’d be investing in defenders, in another one we’d go all in…

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Best midfielder player picks for World Cup fantasy round of 16

FIFA World Cup fantasy midfielder player picks

After a really exciting round of group stage matches, it is now time for us as football fans, to turn our attention to the round of 16 of the World Cup. This is when the FIFA fantasy game begins to get interesting. With fewer teams left, it means that we FIFA fantasy managers have to give a lot more thoughts to fantasy assets we select. In this article, we’d be looking at midfielders. We’d be recommending the best midfielder player picks. The midfielders we’re going to be selecting, are midfielders…

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MD3 captain picks: the best matchday three world cup fantasy captains

the best matchday three world cup fantasy captains

We all know that picking the right captain is really important. Selecting the right captain can determined how your matchday would go – if you select a captain that performs well, then you’d have a pretty good matchday and if you don’t select the right captain, then you might have a pretty bad matchday. That’s why we here at raensports, have decided to put together a list of some of the best players that would be great captain picks in matchday three. What players should you be looking to captain…

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NFL fantasy tips: create amazing logos for your NFL fantasy team

NFL fantasy logo maker

There are a lot of things to love about being an NFL fantasy manager. We all love to watch the games, pick our teams, look at stats and we also love to watch our hard work pay off; especially when you select a player and he turns up, we all also love that winning feeling – there’s nothing better than topping your mates in the overall rankings. And while that’s fun, there’s also something else that’s just as fun and that’s creating a logo for your NFL fantasy team. A…

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World Cup fantasy MD3 wildcard team: the best matchday three FIFA fantasy team

World Cup fantasy md3 wildcard team

With matchday three just a couple of hours away, we’ve decided to create a couple of really good matchday three wildcard teams, that would help World Cup fantasy managers navigate through this matchday. We know that it’s the last matchday of the World Cup group stage, which means that some teams have already qualified to the next round while others, still have so much to play for. As we create our various matchday three wildcard drafts, we’d be looking to target players from teams that still have so much to…

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Best forward player picks for World Cup fantasy matchday 3

World Cup Fantasy matchday three forward picks

With the last group stage game coming up next, it is important for us as World Cup fantasy managers whether we’re playing our wildcard or using our free transfers to get the right players into our squad. We want to try and select players that still have a lot to play for and won’t be rotated in matchday three. Which means it won’t be the best move to target players from countries that have already qualified to the next round. As of the time of writing, France are one of…

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World Cup fantasy MD2 wildcard team: the best matchday two FIFA fantasy team

MD2 wildcard team

Matchday two of the World Cup fantasy is about to start and it looks to be an interesting one. We’ve all seen how our various matchday one players performed and we know which players have proven to be great picks and which ones haven’t been the best of picks. In this article, we’d be playing our wildcard booster, we’d be creating three World Cup fantasy teams with our wildcard. We’d be looking to create a pretty good team that’d see us through the group stages. This means that the wildcard…

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World cup fantasy MD1 guide: tips, player picks, rules, teams, boosters and captain picks

World cup fantasy MD1 guide

Welcome to our World Cup fantasy matchday one complete guide article. In this article we’d be sharing World Cup fantasy tips that would you help set-up your matchday one World Cup fantasy team. We’d be looking at tips, the best players you can buy and add to your team, we’d be taking a look at the rules, we’d share various matchday one drafts, we’d talk about boosters, when to play them and who to play them on and then lastly, we’d look at the best matchday one captains. World Cup…

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The best World Cup fantasy MD1 captain picks: Mbappe, Messi, Neymar or Kane

World Cup fantasy matchday one captain picks

One of the last things you do after picking your World Cup fantasy team is, you select your captain. You look at your list of players and pick the one that you think would have the highest point in a single matchday and then you captain him. However in the World Cup fantasy game, it’s a little different. You’re allowed to pick a captain and then you can change your pick to another player who plays on a different day if your first pick doesn’t do as well as you…

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