October 5, 2023


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Burnley vs. Nott’m Forest Predicted Lineup, Injury News and Tactical Insights GW5

Burnley vs. Nott'm Forest Predicted Lineup, Injury News and Tactical Insights GW5

In a Premier League showdown between Burnley and Nottingham Forest, fans can anticipate a captivating tactical battle. Both teams bring distinct strengths and weaknesses to the pitch, promising an intriguing clash.

Burnley excels in creating scoring opportunities through precise through balls and audacious long-range shots, often employing an aggressive style. Nottingham Forest, on the other hand, boasts potent counter-attacking abilities and dominance in aerial duels, with their aggression disrupting opponents.

This matchup guarantees an exciting encounter where Burnley’s attacking flair meets Nottingham Forest’s counter-punching prowess. Stay tuned for a thrilling contest!

Burnley vs. Nott’m Forest Tactical Analysis – What To Expect From The Game

In a Premier League matchup between Burnley and Nottingham Forest, fans can anticipate a tactical battle between two teams with distinct strengths and weaknesses:


  • Strong in creating chances using through balls and taking long shots.
  • Weak in defending against through-ball attacks, protecting leads, and aerial duels.
  • Tends to play aggressively.
  • Often attacks down the left flank.
  • Vulnerable to attacks down the wings and long-range shots.

Nottingham Forest:

  • Very strong in counter-attacks and aerial duels.
  • Strong at finishing scoring chances and stealing the ball from the opposition.
  • Weak in defending against skillful players, keeping possession, and protecting leads.
  • Aggressive in their style of play.
  • Prefers attacking down the right flank.

Here’s what fans can expect tactically from a Burnley vs. Nottingham Forest match:


  • Burnley is likely to focus on creating goal-scoring opportunities through through-balls and long shots. They may attempt to exploit defensive gaps with quick through-ball attacks.
  • Their aggressive style could lead to pressing high up the pitch and challenging for possession.
  • Expect Burnley to attack primarily down the left flank, looking to take advantage of opportunities on that side.
  • They might struggle to protect a lead, so maintaining offensive pressure could be crucial for them.

Nottingham Forest:

  • Nottingham Forest will aim to utilize their very strong counter-attacking abilities, especially if Burnley commits players forward.
  • Their strength in aerial duels could make set-piece situations a key part of their game plan, both defensively and offensively.
  • Nottingham Forest’s aggression may lead to challenges and turnovers in midfield, potentially fueling their counter-attacks.
  • They might look to exploit Burnley’s weaknesses in defending against skillful players and protecting leads.

Overall, fans can anticipate a game where Burnley seeks to create goal-scoring opportunities through through-balls and long shots, while Nottingham Forest aims to capitalize on counter-attacks and their strength in aerial duels.

The aggressive styles of both teams could result in an intense and competitive match, with set pieces playing a significant role. Nottingham Forest’s focus on attacking down the right flank and Burnley’s emphasis on attacking down the left could add an interesting dynamic to the game.

Burnley Injury News

Burnley still have some notable absentees:

  • Vitinho – Injured / Doubtful
  • Mike Tresor – Muscle injury / Doubtful
  • Michael Obafemi – Hamstring injury / Unknown
  • Hjalmar Ekdal – Muscle injury / A few days
  • Darko Churlinov – Illness / Late October 2023
  • Aaron Ramsey – Injured / Doubtful

Brentford Injury News

Nott’m Forest, on the other hand, has just one absentee:

Giulian Biancone – Knee injury / Late September 2023

Burnley vs. Nott’m Forest Predicted Lineup Gameweek 5

After looking at their injury problems and examining the tactical side of things, here’s how we expect Burnley to lineup versus Nott’m Forest.


Goalkeeper: J. Trafford

Defenders: A. Al DakhilD. O’Shea, J. Beyer, C. Roberts

Midfielders: J. Gudmundsson, J. Cullen, S. Berge, L. Koleosho

Forwards: Z. Amdouni, L. Foster

Nott’m Forest predicted lineup vs. Burnley gameweek 5

Nott’m on the other hand, could lineup against Burnley this way:


Goalkeeper: M. Turner

Defenders: W. Boly, J. Worrall, S. McKenna

Midfielders: S. Aurier, O. Mangala, Danilo, R. Yates, O. Aina,

Forwards: M. G-WhiteT. Awoniyi

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