September 23, 2023


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best players for 2022 FIFA World cup fantasy -midfielder picks

best midfielders World cup fantasy

Well, midfielders are really important in the 2022 World Cup fantasy game. If you take a look at how midfielders get points in the game, you’d be tempted to want to pick a lot of midfielders.

How midfielders points are earned in the 2022 World Cup fantasy
We can see from the image that midfielders in the 2022 World Cup fantasy game, get points for clean sheets, goals scored, tackles and key passes.

The truth however is, we can only pick five and we need to stay within our budget. This means that as we create our World Cup fantasy team, we’re going to need a mixture of both premium(expensive) midfielders and mid-priced(cheap) midfielders.

In this article, we’d be take a look at some of the best premium and mid-priced midfielders that you can add to your 2022 World Cup fantasy team.

The best midfielders for your World Cup fantasy team

It’s pretty obvious that the best midfielders you can pick for your World Cup fantasy team, are the ones that are likely to keep clean sheets, score goals, make tackles and also those that are creative enough to make key passes.

Here are five of the best midfielders that you can add to your World Cup fantasy team:

1. Kevin De Brunye

2022 World Cup fantasy midfielder pick: De Brunye

Kevin De Brunye is a must have, if your strategy involves going all in on midfielders. The Belgian midfielder is the second most owned midfielder in the game and he is also the most expensive one.

Belgium have one of the easiest groups in the world cup and that’s one of the reasons why so many FIFA fantasy managers are going after the Belgian.

His stats are also impressive and he’s one that can get you points from goals, tackles, key passes and even clean sheets. He’s Belgium’s talisman and he’s always involved in majority of their attacking play.

In his last 5 games in all competitions for his country, he has scored two goals and picked up one assist. He is on corners and freekicks as well.

He is a good option and De Brunye is the best premium midfielder in the 2022 World Cup fantasy game.

2. Di Maria

2022 World Cup fantasy midfielder pick: Di Maria

Di Maria is another really solid midfield option for those looking for good mid-priced midfielders in the 2022 World Cup fantasy game.

The Argentine winger is priced at just 8.5 million and if you’re looking for a way to get into that Argentina attack, he’s the second best option you can go with.

Argentina just like Belgium, have a pretty easy group as well. They play Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland in their group stage games. With fixtures like that, it is hard to look past a player like Di Maria.

Just like De Brunye, he has scored two goals and assisted one in his last five games for his country. Di Maria is mid-priced, he can get you goal scoring points, key passes points, and even clean sheet points.

He’s a really good option and he’s one we recommend you target in the group stages.

3. Leroy Sane

2022 World Cup fantasy midfielder pick: Leroy Sane

Leroy Sane is another really nice mid-priced midfielder. He’s not as cheap as Di Maria, but he’s another really good midfielder that you can add to your FIFA fantasy team.

Sane is priced at 9 million and is also the third most owned midfielder in the game.

This means that a lot of FIFA fantasy managers are after him and this could be because of Germany’s decent group stage fixtures or because he’s a guaranteed starter for a good attacking side.

Germany face Japan, Spain and Costa Rica in the group stages and that’s pretty decent. You’d expect them to score a couple of goals in those games.

Well, since Sane is a winger, he might not get you points for tackles, but what he’d get you is goal scoring points, clean sheet points and points for key passes.

If you have 9 million, then Leroy Sane is the best midfielder you can get in FIFA fantasy game. However, we do think that Di Maria is a better pick and if we had to choose between the two, we’d go with Di Maria.

4. Steven Bergwijn

2022 World Cup fantasy midfielder pick: Steven Bergwijn

Steven Bergwijn is one of the best mid-priced midfielders you can get in the 2022 World Cup fantasy game. The Netherland’s man is one that so many expert have been recommending and that’s because of his price.

When there’s a really solid option like him in the game, it then becomes hard to ignore. Going for a player like him who is cheap and would start games is almost a no brainer for most.

Because when you have players like him in your team, then you’d have enough money to spend in other areas of the pitch. Kostic of Serbia, is another one who is cheap and would be a really good FIFA fantasy asset.

You really can’t get a midfielder better than him in the 7million price range. He has four goals in his last five starts for his country, including a goal each vs Poland, Belgium, Germany and a brace vs Denmark.

Netherlands also have a pretty decent group as well, which makes Bergwijn even more appealing.

5. Christian Eriksen

2022 World Cup fantasy midfielder pick: Christian Eriksen

Christian Eriksen is another really solid pick, if you’re looking for a really good mid-priced midfielder. The Danish midfielder is priced at 8 million in the 2022 World Cup fantasy game.

The reason why we’ve got him in here, is because he’s Denmark’s talisman and he’s also very essential to the way they play. He has one goal and an assist in his last five games for Denmark in all competition.

In the group stages, Denmark also have pretty decent fixtures that you’d expect Eriksen to do well in; most especially in games against Australia and Tunisia.

So yeah, these are our five main midfield picks. We’ve got one premium and four really solid batch of mid-priced midfielders that would be great additions to any World Cup fantasy team.

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