Best forward player picks for World Cup fantasy matchday 3

With the last group stage game coming up next, it is important for us as World Cup fantasy managers whether we’re playing our wildcard or using our free transfers to get the right players into our squad.

We want to try and select players that still have a lot to play for and won’t be rotated in matchday three. Which means it won’t be the best move to target players from countries that have already qualified to the next round.

As of the time of writing, France are one of those teams and so we won’t be focusing on assets from this Country. In this article, we’d be looking at some of the best forward player picks for your 2022 World Cup fantasy team.

The best matchday three forwards for 2022 World Cup Fantasy

Here are some of the best forwards you can buy for your 2022 FIFA World Cup fantasy team:

1. Cody Gakpo

matchday three forward: Cody Gakpo

If you’re looking to get a cheap and in-form forward for your matchday three team, then Cody Gakpo is one of the best options.

He has a really nice game in matchday three, as Netherlands face Qatar, a side that’s already been knocked out of the competition already.

Cody Gakpo has been good for Netherlands in his last two games, scoring a goal in each game. He faces a Qatar side that isn’t the strongest defensively and means the potential for him to haul is very, very likely.

His price range, his form and his good fixture makes a really good pick. He is one you should be looking to get into your team if you’re on a wildcard or if you’re using your free transfers.

2. Leo Messi

matchday three forward: Leo Messi

Another really good forward pick for matchday three, is Leo Messi. Leo Messi and Argentina face Poland in what is a must win game for Argentina.

Messi in matchday two, reminded us of his quality – the Argentine forward got himself a goal and an assist against Mexico. In matchday three, he could also be a great fantasy asset and a really good forward pick.

Remember that this matchday, we want to try and select fantasy assets that have something to play for and players that are on form.

Messi fits the bill and so, if you’re looking to go down the premium route, he is one that should be on your radar.

3. Ismalia Sarr

matchday three forward: Ismalia Sarr

Another forward pick that’d be great this matchday, is Ismalia Sarr of Senegal. The Senegalese forward has been good in the World Cup so far, but he hasn’t scored a goal.

He is always involved in most of Senegal’s attack and the potential for him to get a goal this matchday we think is high. He passes the eye test and we hope that he can back it up with goals.

He is cheap as well, which means if you go for him you can also spend a little bit more on other World Cup fantasy assets.

4. Harry Kane

matchday three forward: Harry Kane

Harry Kane is another really good forward option this matchday. Kane just like Ismalia Sarr, he is another player who hasn’t scored in the World Cup, but has the potential to get a couple of goals against any team.

England face Wales in matchday three and that’s a game they need to do well in after their poor performance against USA. We’d be expecting England to right their wrongs this matchday and that’s why we want to get their main man Harry Kane.

We all know how lethal Kane is and on his day, we know he’s a player that can get a couple of goals and assists as well. There aren’t that many better forward option picks this matchday.

So, if you have the money then Kane is one player you should be looking to buy.

5. Enner Valencia

matchday three forward: Enner Valencia

Another good option this matchday, would be Enner Valencia of Ecuador. Again, like we said, this matchday when selecting players, we want to target players from teams that have something to play for and players that are on form.

Valencia is one of those players who also fit the bill as well. He did really well against Qatar in the first game of the World Cup, getting himself two goals and then he carried on his impressive performance and got himself a goal against the Netherlands as well.

We’d be hoping that he can carry on his impressive form this matchday, as Ecuador face Senegal. He also is pretty cheap, which means going for him would allow you to spend on other areas of the pitch.

Some other great MD3 forwards you can buy for your World Cup Fantasy team

6. Alvaro Morata

matchday three forward: Alvaro Morata

Morata is another player that we think would be an exciting and a pretty good differential pick. The Spanish forward isn’t a guaranteed starter and that’s what makes him a tricky pick.

That being said, Morata has proven that he’s one that could find the back of the net. In his last two games he has scored two goals off the bench.

We don’t know what the Spanish manager is up to, but it’s very possible that he starts Morata this matchday against Japan. If you want to take the risk, then he’s one you could go for.

7. Youssef En-Nesyri

matchday three forward: Youssef En-Nesyri

Another forward that would be a good option this matchday is, Youssef En-Nesyri. We know he hasn’t scored at the World Cup and it is a bit hard to backup this recommendation.

However, we do think that he’s a player that would be a great pick this matchday because of how the game between Moroco and Canada would be played.

Canada have already been knocked out of the World Cup and it’s pretty obvious that they won’t come and sit back and try to defend rather, they’d want to have a go at Morocco and that means it’s going to be an open game with a lot of chances.

And that’s we think Youssef En-Nesyri would profit from. We think he’d be a really good matchday three forward punt.

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