October 5, 2023


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Ben Chilwell FPL: Your FPL GW2 Game-Changer

Ben Chilwell FPL: Your FPL Gameweek 2 Game-Changer

Ben Chilwell’s impressive performance in GW1 has caught the eye capturing the attention of both seasoned FPL managers and enthusiastic fans. Priced at an attractive £5.6 million in the defender category, Ben Chilwell has surged in popularity thanks to his exceptional performance and distinctive on-field contributions.

Should You Transfer Chilwell Into Your FPL Team In GW2

Yes, Ben Chilwell is pretty good buy this gameweek as he has good fixtures in gameweek two and beyond. His underlying stats and positioning on the pitch also indicate that he’s an FPL asset with a lot of potential to return points throughout this season.

Buying him depends on you and your strategy. If you’re looking for the best FPL defender to get this gameweek, then Chilwell is up there as one of the best options and picks.

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Six Reasons Why Ben Chilwell Is a Good Buy In FPL

Here are some reasons why Chilwell is being sort after by FPL managers

1. Chilwell’s Meteoric Price Rise: Justified and Well-Earned

Chilwell’s price surge to £5.6 million is more than merited. A quick glance at his heatmap reveals an impressive dominance along the left flank, showcasing his prowess as a wing-back. His recent standout display against Liverpool was a masterclass in exploiting spaces on the opponent’s right side.

This tactical edge was fueled by Salah’s limited defensive duties and Trent’s gradual return from advanced positions. Notably, this forced Liverpool’s Konate to work overtime and eventually led to Salah’s premature substitution.

2. Statistical Brilliance: Attacking Powerhouse from the Backline

What truly sets Chilwell apart are his attacking metrics – a remarkable 0.23 expected assists (xA) and 0.11 expected goals (xG). These figures, though impressive, merely scratch the surface of his on-field impact.

His well-executed goal against Liverpool, albeit ruled offside, underscored his exceptional finishing skills and footballing intelligence. Understandably, Chilwell has swiftly become a priority transfer target for discerning FPL managers.

3. Decoding Gameweek 2: Chilwell’s Strategic Role

Looking ahead to Gameweek 2, Chilwell faces a stern test against West Ham (A). While replicating the same level of freedom might prove challenging, Chilwell’s innate offensive instincts and set-piece involvement provide avenues for creating goal-scoring opportunities. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that Chelsea’s defensive solidity might be tested against West Ham’s physicality and set-piece proficiency, bolstered by the inclusion of JWP.

4. Beyond Defense: Chilwell’s Captaincy Credentials

While a clean sheet in Gameweek 2 might be a tall order, Chilwell’s potential contributions in attack remain an alluring prospect. His dual role as a wing-back allows him to exploit gaps and craft chances for himself and his teammates. Reflecting on his standout performance against Liverpool, it’s evident that Chilwell’s impact transcends traditional defensive duties.

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5. Crafting a Captaincy Masterstroke: Chilwell’s Allure

Contemplating the captaincy decision for Gameweek 2? Ben Chilwell stands tall as a captivating option. His ability to find the back of the net, coupled with his strategic positioning, lays a tangible path to FPL points. For those seeking a differential choice, Chilwell emerges as a formidable contender with a higher ceiling compared to alternatives like Joao Pedro.

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6. Chilwell’s Potential: A Multi-Faceted Game-Changer

The allure of Chilwell extends beyond the boundaries of conventional defenders. His unique blend of attacking flair and set-piece involvement positions him as a player of immense potential for Gameweek 2. Drawing inspiration from his recent standout performance against Liverpool, Chilwell’s influence is palpable, solidifying his significance in the ever-evolving FPL landscape.

As managers strategize for Gameweek 2, one fact remains crystal clear – Ben Chilwell’s impact transcends the boundaries of traditional defensive play. With a remarkable fusion of attacking prowess and set-piece influence, Chilwell stands as a beacon of FPL potential, ready to captivate both points and captaincy decisions.

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