October 5, 2023


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AI’s Top 12 Midfield Picks for FPL Gameweek 6

AI’s Top 12 Midfield Picks for FPL Gameweek 6

Gameweek 6 in Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is quickly approaching, and midfielders can play a pivotal role in your team’s success. To help you make informed decisions, we turn to the insights of artificial intelligence. In this listicle article, we unveil AI’s top midfield picks for Gameweek 6, complete with expected points and fixtures.

The Midfield’s Influence in FPL

Before we dive into the AI-driven predictions, let’s understand why midfielders are crucial in FPL. Midfielders have the potential to score goals, provide assists, and accumulate valuable points through clean sheets and bonus points.

AI’s Methodology for Analysis

AI relies on a comprehensive dataset of player statistics, fixture analysis, and historical data to make its predictions. It considers factors such as player form, fixture difficulty, and underlying statistics like Expected Goals (xG) and Expected Assists (xA).

AI’s Top Midfield Picks for Gameweek 6 – Based on Expected Points

Here are AI’s top 12 midfield picks for FPL Gameweek 6, along with their expected points and fixtures:

  1. Salah (MID · 12.5m · 27%)
    • Expected Points: 7.4
    • Fixture: vs. West Ham (H)
    Salah’s consistency and goal-scoring ability make him a standout choice against West Ham.
  2. Saka (MID · 8.7m · 64.9%)
    • Expected Points: 6.1
    • Fixture: vs. Spurs (H)
    Saka’s versatility and the home fixture against Spurs make him an attractive midfield option.
  3. Mitoma (MID · 6.5m · 39.9%)
    • Expected Points: 6.1
    • Fixture: vs. Bournemouth (H)
    Mitoma’s budget-friendly price and fixture against Bournemouth could pay dividends.
  4. Gross (MID · 6.3m · 2.7%)
    • Expected Points: 6.0
    • Fixture: vs. Bournemouth (H)
    Gross is a differential choice with potential returns against Bournemouth.
  5. Foden (MID · 7.6m · 13%)
    • Expected Points: 6.0
    • Fixture: vs. Nott’m Forest (H)
    Foden’s creativity and the home fixture against Nottingham Forest make him a compelling option.
  6. Rashford (MID · 8.9m · 33.6%)
    • Expected Points: 6.0
    • Fixture: vs. Burnley (A)
    Rashford’s attacking prowess could shine against Burnley.
  7. Mbeumo (MID · 6.9m · 28.8%)
    • Expected Points: 5.9
    • Fixture: vs. Everton (H)
    Mbeumo’s potential impact against Everton shouldn’t be overlooked.
  8. Ødegaard (MID · 8.5m · 21.3%)
    • Expected Points: 5.7
    • Fixture: vs. Spurs (H)
    Ødegaard’s playmaking abilities make him a valuable asset against Spurs.
  9. Sterling (MID · 7.2m · 15.9%)
    • Expected Points: 5.6
    • Fixture: vs. Aston Villa (H)
    Sterling could capitalize on the home fixture against Aston Villa.
  10. Son (MID · 9.1m · 15.2%)
    • Expected Points: 5.6
    • Fixture: vs. Arsenal (A)
    Son’s ability to deliver against top opponents makes him a key player against Arsenal.
  11. March (MID · 6.6m · 9%)
    • Expected Points: 5.5
    • Fixture: vs. Bournemouth (H)
    March offers a budget-friendly midfield choice against Bournemouth.
  12. B.Fernandes (MID · 8.4m · 20.3%)
    • Expected Points: 5.5Fixture: vs. Burnley (A)
    Bruno Fernandes’ creativity could be on display against Burnley.

Making Informed Choices

While AI provides valuable insights, it’s essential to incorporate these predictions into your overall FPL strategy. Consider factors such as fixture difficulty, budget constraints, and your team’s specific needs when making your midfield selections for Gameweek 6.

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In Gameweek 6, these AI-driven predictions for midfielders can give you a competitive advantage in FPL. Whether you’re aiming for differentials or relying on premium picks, make your choices wisely. Good luck, and may your midfielders lead your team to victory!