October 4, 2023


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AI’s Crystal Ball: 12 Defenders Set to Dominate FPL Gameweek 6

AI's Crystal Ball: 12 Defenders Set to Dominate FPL Gameweek 6

Gameweek 6 in Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is just around the corner, and making the right choices for your defensive lineup can make all the difference in your FPL journey. To help you strategize effectively, we’ve enlisted the assistance of AI to predict the top-performing defenders for this crucial gameweek.

The Role of Defenders in FPL

Before we dive into the predictions, let’s understand the significance of defenders in FPL. Defenders play a pivotal role in securing clean sheets, earning points, and even contributing with assists and goals. Selecting the right defenders can make a substantial difference in your FPL team’s performance.

How AI Analyzes Player Data

AI utilizes a vast dataset of player statistics, team performance, fixtures, and historical data to make predictions. It considers factors such as form, fixtures, and underlying statistics like Expected Goals (xG) and Expected Assists (xA). This data-driven approach allows AI to provide valuable insights into player performance.

Top AI FPL Defender Picks for Gameweek 6

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter – the AI-driven predictions for Gameweek 6 defenders. These players are expected to excel based on recent performance and upcoming fixtures:

  1. Estupiñan (DEF · 5.3m · 63.2%)
    • Expected Points: 5.5
    • Fixture: vs. Bournemouth (H)
    AI has high hopes for Estupiñan in Gameweek 6, with a favorable fixture at home against Bournemouth.
  2. Botman (DEF · 4.5m · 14.4%)
    • Expected Points: 5.3
    • Fixture: vs. Sheffield Utd (A)
    Botman’s budget-friendly price tag makes him an intriguing option for FPL managers, and AI predicts a strong performance against Sheffield United.
  3. Trippier (DEF · 6.5m · 30.9%)
    • Expected Points: 5.3
    • Fixture: vs. Sheffield Utd (A)
    Trippier’s experience and set-piece ability make him a potential standout in Gameweek 6, especially against Sheffield United.
  4. Robertson (DEF · 6.5m · 5.7%)
    • Expected Points: 5.2
    • Fixture: vs. West Ham (H)
    Despite being a premium option, AI suggests that Robertson could provide significant returns, especially at home against West Ham.
  5. Rúben Dias(DEF · 5.5m · 8.6%)
    • Expected Points: 5.2Fixture: vs. Nott’m Forest (H)
    Rúben Dias has a promising matchup at home against Nottingham Forest, making him an appealing FPL choice.
  6. Chilwell (DEF · 5.8m · 31.6%)
    • Expected Points: 5.1Fixture: vs. Aston Villa (H)
    Chilwell’s attacking prowess could translate into valuable points against Aston Villa in GW6.
  7. Walker (DEF · 5.2m · 12.5%)
    • Expected Points: 4.9
    • Fixture: vs. Nott’m Forest (H)
    With a favorable home fixture against Nottingham Forest, Walker is a budget-friendly option to consider.
  8. Andersen (DEF · 4.6m · 8.1%)
    • Expected Points: 4.8
    • Fixture: vs. Fulham (H)
    Andersen’s potential for both clean sheets and bonus points makes him an intriguing choice in Gameweek 6.
  9. Gusto (DEF · 4.2m · 13.9%)
    • Expected Points: 4.7
    • Fixture: vs. Aston Villa (H)
    Gusto’s affordability and a match against Aston Villa make him an attractive differential pick.
  10. Akanji (DEF · 5.0m · 8.4%)
    • Expected Points: 4.7
    • Fixture: vs. Nott’m Forest (H)
    Akanji’s solid defensive contributions could pay off against Nottingham Forest.
  11. Schär (DEF · 5.0m · 2.9%)
    • Expected Points: 4.6
    • Fixture: vs. Sheffield Utd (A)
    Schär might be flying under the radar, but AI sees potential in his Gameweek 6 fixture against Sheffield United.
  12. Disasi (DEF · 5.1m · 7.2%)
    • Expected Points: 4.3Fixture: vs. Aston Villa (H)
    While a bit riskier, Disasi could still deliver points against Aston Villa.

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Strategies for Defender Selection

AI recommendations are valuable, but it’s essential to integrate them into your overall FPL strategy. Here are some tips:

  • Fixtures Matter: Pay attention to the upcoming fixtures. Favor defenders facing teams with lower-scoring potential.
  • Balance in Budget: Ensure a balance between premium and budget-friendly defenders to optimize your squad’s value.
  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on injury updates, as player availability can impact performance.

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In Gameweek 6, AI predictions can give you a competitive edge in selecting the right defenders for your FPL team. Remember to analyze the recommendations in the context of your overall strategy and make informed decisions. The AI used in this article, is drafthound’s AI feel free to check them out.