October 4, 2023


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Over 369,501 FPL Managers Transfer Son Heung-min Ahead of GW5? Here’s Why

369,501 FPL Managers Transfer Son Heung-min Ahead of GW5? Here’s Why

Son has undoubtedly caught the attention of FPL managers this week. His remarkable hat-trick against Burnley in the previous gameweek has thrust him into the spotlight for many FPL managers. Currently, he stands as the most transferred-in player, with a staggering 369,501 FPL managers adding him to their squads. Due to his skyrocketing demand, his price has surged from 9.0 million to 9.1 million in less than a week.

So, why are FPL managers chasing after the Spurs man? In this article, we will explore five compelling reasons why Son is an excellent choice for Gameweek 5. Whether you’re wielding a wildcard or pondering your free transfer, this piece will provide valuable insights to help you make an informed decision on whether to acquire him or not.

5 Key Factors That Make Son Heung Min an FPL Must-Have in GW5

Now, let’s delve into why Son Heung-Min is an excellent addition for GW5. In this section of our article, we’ll explore five compelling factors that make Son Heung-Min from Spurs a top pick ahead of Gameweek 5.

1. Great Fixture

One of the major reasons why Son Heung-Min is highly sought after in GW5 is his favorable fixture. In Gameweek 5, Spurs are set to face Sheffield United, a newly promoted side that has been struggling defensively.

Sheffield United’s Defensive Woes:

Spurs’ Impressive Attack:

  • In contrast, Spurs have been one of the most prolific attacking sides this season.
  • They are ranked third in the league for goals per match, averaging 2.8 goals.
  • In terms of shots on target, they hold the second position with 7.3 shots.
  • When it comes to creating big chances, they rank third with 10.

Son’s Home Advantage: These underlying statistics, coupled with Son playing at home this week, make him an extremely appealing FPL pick in GW5. It’s no wonder that so many FPL managers are eager to add the Spurs star to their squads.

2. Striking Role Advantage

The second compelling reason to consider Son Heung-Min for your Gameweek 5 lineup is his recent role as a center forward. In the previous week, Spurs deployed Son in the central striker position, and it proved to be a game-changer for him.

Improved Performance as a Striker:

  • When Son occupied the striker role against Burnley, his underlying statistics showcased his increased threat. He had an expected goals (xG) of 1.12, expected assists (xA) of 0.07, expected goal involvement (xGi) of 1.19, and impressively, he netted three goals.
  • In contrast, in his previous matches on the left flank, he managed a combined xG of 0.26, xA of 0.72, xGi of 0.98, and zero goals scored.

Enhanced Goal-Scoring Potential: It’s evident that Son performs as a better FPL asset when deployed as a striker, significantly boosting his goal-scoring output. For FPL managers, it’s a delightful prospect when a midfielder in the game operates as a striker on the field.

Managerial Decision Factor: However, it’s worth noting that Son’s role as a striker was a result of Richarlison’s injury. Therefore, there is a possibility that Son might revert to a winger role if his manager decides to reintroduce Richarlison to the squad this week. Keep an eye on the team lineup for this crucial piece of information.

3. Captaincy Appeal

Captaincy Potential: Another compelling aspect that makes Son Heung-Min an excellent choice for GW5 is his strong candidacy for the captain’s armband. In a gameweek where Haaland faces a solid West Ham defense, Son emerges as a compelling alternative for FPL managers seeking a differential option.

Fixture Advantage: As mentioned earlier, when you analyze the fixtures on paper, Son’s matchup appears much more favorable than Haaland’s. Sheffield United hasn’t showcased the strongest defensive performance this season, and Son enjoys the advantage of playing at home this week, while Haaland will be on the road.

Captaincy Confidence: For managers looking to make a bold move, bringing in Son this week and entrusting him with the captaincy can be a rewarding decision. Son’s combination of form and fixture makes him a standout option for the armband.

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FPL managers also need to be wary of the curse of the most transferred in player. So far this season, the most transferred in player every week has gone on to blank the next week. Hopefully Son is different.

4. Differential Pick

Son Heung-Min still retains his status as a valuable differential asset, with only 10.1% ownership among FPL managers. If you’re aiming to gain an edge and climb the ranks in your mini-league this week, considering Son and handing him the captain’s armband might just be the strategic move you need.

Risk and Reward: Of course, it’s essential to acknowledge that this strategy is not without risks. There’s a 50/50 chance that it could backfire if Son fails to deliver. However, if you’re in a position to use your wildcard or have some funds to spare, and you’re in search of a differential captaincy option for the week, Son stands out as an enticing choice.

Potential Mini-League and Overall Impact: Choosing Son as your captain could propel you up the rankings both in your mini-league and in the overall FPL standings. While it’s a calculated risk, the potential rewards can be substantial for those willing to take the leap.

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5. Great upcoming fixtures

One significant driver behind Son’s popularity, with a remarkable 369,501 FPL managers transferring him in, is the promising set of fixtures on his horizon. Five out of his next nine games carry a fixture difficulty rating of 2. This not only underscores Son’s appeal for Gameweek 5 but also positions him as an enticing long-term FPL investment.

Son's upcoming fixtures beyond gameweek 5

Exploitable Opponents: When we examine these nine upcoming fixtures, Son is set to face teams like Luton, Fulham, Crystal Palace, and Wolves—opponents where Spurs and Son are expected to excel. Additionally, Son will go up against Arsenal and Liverpool, games that may seem challenging on paper but could actually favor him.

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Attacking Prowess and High-Line Advantage: One reason Son shines in these fixtures is Tottenham’s heightened attacking prowess, consistently creating numerous scoring opportunities. Furthermore, Son tends to thrive against teams that employ a high defensive line, a trait evident in his recent performance against Burnley in GW4. His ability to perform against formidable sides like Arsenal and Liverpool further strengthens his appeal.

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In essence, Son’s enticing fixtures, combined with his assured role in a highly attacking team, make him an outstanding long-term FPL choice.

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