September 23, 2023


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2022 World cup fantasy tips: the best time to use your chips & boosters

2022 World cup fantasy chip strategy

The World Cup is almost here, which means that as World Cup fantasy managers, we want to have a plan of how we’d approach the tournament.

In this article, we’d be focusing on the chips also known as boosters. We want to see when would it be the best time to use our various World Cup fantasy boosters: the wildcard, 12th Man and Power Captain.

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What are boosters in World Cup fantasy

Well, boosters are more like super powers, they allow you to make changes or additions to your squad, which is meant to improve your team or the score you’re meant to get in a particular matchday.

In the 2022 World Cup fantasy game, there are three boosters and they are:

  1. Wildcard – Will allow you to make unlimited transfers within a specific round (cannot be used for the first match of the group stage or for the round of 16)
  2. 12th Man – Will allow you to select 1 additional player to score points for your team in a matchday.  When selected, the 12th man cannot be substituted, captained or transferred.  You can select any player to be your twelfth man budget or team restrictions do not count here.
  3. Power Captain – Will allow you to get double points from whichever player scores the most points from your 15 man squad.  This player will automatically be assigned the captaincy.

Now that we know the boosters we have in the 2022 FIFA fantasy game, we now want to see at what stage of the tournament should we be looking to activate these boosters, so as to get the most out of it.

When should you play your FIFA fantasy wildcard

The best time to play the your FIFA fantasy wildcard, would be in matchday three of the 2022 World Cup tournament. The reason why matchday three is ideal, is because of the rotation that could possibly happen.

In matchday three, a lot of the good teams would have booked themselves a place in the round of 16 and when this happens, they tend to rotate their best players.

And that is going to affect a lot of FIFA fantasy managers, because we’d all be targeting the best players from these teams and if they rotate, then we might not be able to field a team of 11 players.

In order for us to scale through this, we’d have to use our wildcard. So, wildcarding in matchday three would be more like a free hit in FPL, because after you wildcard that matchday, you’d be able to make (unlimited transfers) before the start of the round of 16.

Which means you can then target the top players once again in your round of 16 draft.

Well, obviously there’s no fixed rule for this; it’s just our suggestion. You can wildcard anytime you feel like apart from MD1 and the round of 16. But if you have selected your team in MD1, and it isn’t performing well, then you can wildcard to fix that.

But that won’t be ideal, because you’d be left stranded in MD3, if there are rotations. We here at raensports, would be creating numerous MD2 drafts, that could serve as inspiration for fantasy managers.

So do make sure to check our article out when it comes out sometime this week.

Here’s our 2022 World Cup fantasy team, these teams have been created with the long term in mind, we’ve also highlighted teams that have good games in this article, which would help you as you create your own matchday two team.

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The best time to use the 12th man booster

The best time, for FIFA fantasy managers to activate their 12th man chip, would be either sometime in the group stage, or the round of 16.

The 12th man booster in the 2022 World Cup fantasy game, allows you to select an extra player from any team and that player’s point would be added to your team’s score. Which is actually really interesting.

The reason why we’re targeting these rounds, is because these are the early part of the tournament, which means a lot of good teams would have much easier games and so there’d be more high scoring games.

After the group stages and the round of 16, the tournament would get a lot tougher and games would be a lot tighter.

So we think that playing it in the earlier rounds would be ideal and you’d probably get more from the booster then, as opposed to the later rounds.

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The best time to use the power captain

Just like the 12th man booster, the best time to use the World Cup fantasy power captain, would be during the group stages or the round of 16.

The reason is just the same as the reason we have for using the 12th man booster during the group stages or the round of 16. The power captain chip would automatically double the points of the highest scoring player in a matchday.

So it’d be nice to use it when there’s potential for players to get so many points. Another strategy that can be deployed, would be using the power captain chip in a matchday were there won’t be so many points up for grabs.

So the final would be another good time to use the power captain chip. If you do that, you’d get the most points from the player that picks up the highest amount of points in a low scoring matchday. Which could give you an edge over your rivals.

But, the thing though is, you can’t play both chips at the same time, so if you’re wildcarding in matchday three, then you can’t use the 12th man booster or power captain booster in that same matchday.

FIFA World Cup fantasy booster strategy: the best time to play your FIFA fantasy chips.

So our ideal strategy would be to use the wildcard in matchday three, power captain in the round of 16 and 12th man in matchday one or two.

Using the power captain in the round of 16, would be nice because you’d have unlimited transfers, which means you can select and target teams and players that have easy fixture in that matchday; and when you bring those players in, you’d be able to play the power captain chip on them.

FIFA World Cup fantasy booster strategy

You can also alternate it and use the power captain in matchday two and then use the 12th man chip in the round of 16. We do think both strategies would work and it’s worth giving it a go.

There you have it, our chip strategy for the 2022 World Cup fantasy game. You can always check our blog for more World Cup fantasy tips, FPL tips and even UCL fantasy tips.

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