UCL MD3 wildcard tips: three matchday three wildcard teams to consider

UCL matchday three wildcard draft

It’s matchday 3 in the UCL and it might just be the right time for you to activate your wildcard. If wildcarding in MD3 is part of your plan, then we’ve got you covered. Do make sure to stick around as this would be really helpful(give you some inspiration) if you’re amongst the UCL fantasy managers looking to activate their wildcard this matchday. 3 MD3 wildcard teams to consider In this article, we’d be creating three wildcard teams – three teams with different strategies in mind – in one of…

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Kane, Haaland, Mo Salah who is the best GW9 captain – FPL captain picks

GW9 captain picks

A new gameweek is here, which means the search for the perfect captain has begun, we’d be looking to make this week’s captaincy decision a lot easier for you. In this article, we’d be taking a look at some of the best GW9 captains; we’d be looking at Mo Salah, Erling Haaland, Harry Kane and some other nice differential captain picks. How did our GW8 captain picks perform Well, as we always do every gameweek here on raensports, we always have a list of five potential captains each week, and…

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Some of the best GW9 differentials – rising through the FPL ranks

GW9 differential picks

Gameweek 8 was a really interesting gameweek for us here at raensports, as our differential team did well. We started last gameweek ranked  8,982,796 in the world and after a pretty decent gameweek last week, we moved up the overall FPL leaderboard by 298,493 places and are currently ranked 8,684,303. We picked up 67 points last week, with a couple of our differential picks doing well, most especially Heung-Min Son. This week however, our team is in a complete mess we’ve got a lot of injuries to contend with and…

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GW9 team news and injury updates: how have PL players fared in this week’s international break

GW9 team news and injury updates

The last international break before the world cup, is currently going on and as of the time of writing there are still some games left to be played. A lot of Premier League players have featured in this week’s international break and there’s no doubt that this would affect us FPL managers – either the players we have in our FPL team, pick up injuries or the players we own, play a lot of games for their national team and then get rested during the weekend. In this article, though…

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GW9 team selection: transfer targets, gameweek 9 player picks

GW9 team selection

GW9 is here and we’re at that stage of the season where games would be coming thick and fast. A lot of people would be activating their wildcards and others would be looking to use their free transfers to make needed adjustments to their various teams. Regardless of your strategy we here at raensports, have got you covered. In this article, we’d be selecting our GW9 team and we’d be suggesting players to that you can transfer in this gameweek. We also want to apologize about last gameweek, we noticed…

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Running shoe buying guide: do these 9 things before buying your next pair of running shoes

running shoes

As is the case with any product, before you go out to get such products or items, you do your research. You take your time to look out for the best of such products and some nice alternatives. You might even go on to watch YouTube videos, read blog articles and even check out reviews on Amazon so that you can make the best decision. This is also the case when it comes to buying running shoes. There are so many sneakers and trainers out there and so it can…

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GW9 wildcard team: some of the best gameweek 9 wildcard tips and teams

GW9 wildcard tips

With the international break starting this week, gameweek 9 is seen as the best time to activate the wildcard chip. Why’s that, you may wonder? Well, there are so many reasons why GW9 is a good time to activate the wildcard chip and here are some of them: Plan effectively for the blank in GW12 for Arsenal and Man City Wildcarding in GW9 allows you to create a great team for gameweek 9 up until the World Cup break. Playing your wildcard in GW9 would also help you create a…

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GW9 FPL tips: wildcard draft, team selection, captain picks and differential picks

GW9 is here, but we have to wait a little longer than a week before the gameweek starts and to be honest it is a really good break to have as it gives us time to prepare for gameweek 9. While we wait there are a couple of things we FPL managers can be doing, most especially those who have their wildcard activated. In this article, we’d be sharing some GW9 FPL tips, wildcard drafts, captain picks, differential picks as well as our very own team selection. All these articles…

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Cheap vintage football kits: some of the best retro football kits you can buy under 150 dollars

vintage football jerseys

Football kits we know can be really expensive and that is because of the rising demand of these kits. Football fans are willing to pay and get the kits of their favorite football teams and so manufacturers are taking advantage of this and charging as much as they want for these kits. In this article however, we’d be looking at some best retro football kits that you can buy and we’d be sharing links that you could click to get these kits. Why Do People Buy Vintage Football Jerseys Well,…

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Is VAR Bad: seven times VAR has failed in the premier league

Poor referee decisions

Several complaints have been made by coaches, players, and even supporters (fans) with regards to the officiating in the premier league; is anything being done about it? that is a question left for the FA to answer. Scenarios of this sort, are in plentiful quantities, and would be revised as we read on. The Premier League is an English top flight league with so much respect and regard. The league, has been greatly accorded on several occasions to it’s fascination, buzz and ecstasy; however only on a few occasions has…

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